API Modules

We provide API’s for other languages to make it easier to interact with SyncSketch. With just your username and API key you can easily integrate the power of SyncSketch in your own application. Have a look at the methods we provide to interact with SyncSketch in the various languages:


If you are logged into SyncSketch Pro, your API Info will automatically appear in the documentation. Nobody else will see your info!


Download the files here:

SyncSketch Python Module

Here are some sample calls in a python file:

# make sure the syncsketch.py file is in your PYTHONPATH and can be imported
from syncsketch import SyncSketchAPI

# Create Project
projectData = s.addProject('First Project by API')
print s.getProjectsByName('First')
print s.getReviewsByProjectId(projectData['id'])

# Add User to Project
projectUsers = s.addUsersToProjectByEmail(projectData['id'],'test@apitest.test')

# Create Review
reviewData = s.addReview(projectData['id'],'API Review')
print s.getReviewByName('Api Review')

# Upload and query Item
item = s.addMedia(53,'test.webm')
print s.getMediaByReviewId(reviewData['id'])


Coming soon.